Build a chatbot on our bot platform

Get access to unlimited chat bots for deployment on Chat and Meta Human platforms

Bot Platform

Create and test an unlimited number of bots without the need for costly monthly subscriptions or user interaction fees while you develop your bots. After developing your bot, seamlessly launch it on 13 chat platforms by purchasing Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Live Chat Agents. Leverage the expertise of our developers to assist you in building your bots prior to deployment.

Starting from
$0.00 USD
$50.00 Setup Fee
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Enterprise BOT

Earn recurring revenue by setting up your clients on a trusted, customisable, award winning solution
Ready-to-use platform capabilities
Full feature set on Chatbot, Live chat & NLP support
Multi-language support
Pre-built & Custom integrations
Custom reports
Priority support
Dedicated CSM
100 000 unique monthly active users
Live Chat agents not included

Starting from
$500.00 USD
$150.00 Setup Fee
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Live Chat Agents

Live Chat Agents in both Standard and Enterprise bots per activated agent

White Label bot platform

All white label platforms will be deployed on Meta Humans main frame and then the branding will be superimposed on the White Label platform so that integrations, templates and so forth are not compromised in any way. Should you require a complete stand alone interface a quotation must be requested.
Customizable portal.
Extended bot building support.
Flexible pricing models.
Unlimited access to starter packs.
15-20 days setup.
1100 minutes of training included.
Monthly active users cost are not included.
Support and development after training is not included.
WhatsApp sessions and numbers not included.
Telegram and other integrations cost to operate are not included.
Service capacity is calculated in “Monthly Active Users (MAU)” which is defined as a unique user with at least 1 message being sent from the user to the bot platform across any of the deployed channels, and includes all interactions between a bot and a user along with the storage of user data (including personal information) relating to a User.
● USD 0.09/- per user per month for 0 to 10k MAU
● USD 0.08/- per user per month 10K - 25K MAU
● USD 0.06/- per user per month 25K - 50K MAU
● USD 0.035/- per user per month 50K - 100K MAU
● USD 0.04/- per user per month 100K + MAU