Meta Humans

AI Meta Human Enterprise (Tablet, Mobile) SaaS

1 year contract for 7143 minutes.
Include pre-developed Meta Humans
Include Chat Functions
Connect your own Chat Bot Platform

AI Meta Human SDK Custom (Tablet, Mobile) SaaS

Monthly rental of a Meta Human with SDK integration.
Integrate your own Chat Bot platform or use ours.

AI Kiosk Software for SaaS (up to 20 kiosks)

AI Kiosk Software for SaaS (up to 20 kiosks),
Over 45” display / Kiosk Management SDK,
Monthly price and 1 year contract require for 7143 minutes.
*Creating AI Meta Humans is optional, no extra cost for using DeepBrain AI’s Meta Humans. Exclude UI and or UX development.

AI Deepbrain Meta Human Creation

2. Video data editing, processing, inspecting.
3. Deep-learning using AI, AI Human algorithm, applicable to both AI Studios and interactive AI Human.
* Exclude UI and or UX development

  • Including Voice/Video, Idle mode, and 2 gestures. 1. Studio recording of target model
  • English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean. 4. TTS include